Reports & Survey Results

FDOT manages 95 Express and collects project information to monitor daily performance. This data is compiled and used to publish reports that summarize important metrics such as average travel speeds, traffic volumes and facility availability.   

Please scroll down this page to view 95 Express Monthly Performance Reports, 95 Express Monthly Lane Markers Reports, 95 Express Annual Reports and Special Evaluation Reports.

To view performance reports from 2011 or earlier, please CLICK HERE


95 Express Monthly Performance Reports


95 Express Monthly Lane Markers Reports
File Name Format Link
March 2017 PDF Download
April 2017 PDF Download
May 2017 PDF Download
June 2017 PDF Download
July 2017 PDF Download


95 Express Annual Reports
File Name Format Link
2016 - 2017 PDF Download
2015 - 2016 PDF Download
2014 - 2015 PDF Download
2013 - 2014 PDF Download
2012 - 2013 PDF Download
2011 - 2012 PDF Download


Special Evaluation Reports
File Name Format Link
Phase 1B Survey Summary Report PDF Download
Phase 1A UPA Evaluation Mid Year Report PDF Download
Transit Evaluation Report 2012 PDF Download
95 Express Historical Crash Data Evaluation PDF Download